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Botanical Names Calendula officinalis;
Common Name Calendula; Chin-chang-hua; Garden Marigold; Marigolds; not related to african or Mexican marigolds; Pot marigold;
Key_Name Calendula;
Identenifying Characteristics Annual; Biennial Rarely; COMPOSITAE;
Image of herb.
Stem Branching, angular to 50 cm;
Leaves oblong or lanceolate, hairy on both
  • LEAVES: oblong or lanceolate, hairy on both surfaces, 5 - 15 cm long;
  • Flowers large, ray; solitary;1 1/2-4 in across; pale yellow to deep orange double-flowered (tubular flourets absent), close at night Spring to fall;
    Distribution Mediterranean native; distributed throughout the world as a garden plant.
    Parts Used  
    Constituents Volatile oil; Calendulin; A yellow resin; Saponins; a Bitter principle; All of which aid bile secretion and promote wound healing;
    Therapeutic Action Antiseptic,Cholagogue,Emmenagogue,Styptic,Vulinary
    Medical Uses
    • Leaves & FLOWERS: Acne. ; bruises; burns; cuts; disorders; Eczema. ; sedative hypotensive (in animal tests); skin; ulcers; warts;
    • Flowers; infusion, Anaemia; Arteries; Bile promote flow; Bronchitis. ; Colds. ; Colds. ; Colitis; Conjunctivitis; Duodenal ulcers; Fevers; Inflammatory Skin Lesions; Leg ulcers; Leucorrhea (dried flower or fresh juice); Lymphatic nodes, Inflammation of; menstrual cramps; Open Lesions with bleeding 1-10 dilutions; Vaginal and cervix irritation (douche or tampons dressing); Veins;
    Chinese Obstinate bleeding piles;
    Contra Indications  
    non_med Yellow dye.; CULINARY: Substitutes for Saffron; May be added to Salads and Omelettes or used to cn; May be added to Salads and Omelettes or used to colour Cheese and Butter; Young leaves added to Salads. Petals used for Tea; COSMETIC: Skin; Hair rinse;
    Cultivation Tolerates any soil in full sun, although prefers loamy. Seed sown early to mid-spring. Generally self sown. Transplants easily;
    Sister Plants  
    History This well-known garden plant is probably one of the most useful of all herbs. Valuable as food, medicine, dye, and cosmetics. Known to India, arabic culture then to Grease. In use in europe ever since it arrived in Grease The botanical name comes form the Latin calendula or calends meaning 'throughout the months. Flowers from spring till late fall.
    Harvest Commercially the flowers and seed are the part harvested. Pick flower heads every 3 to 4 days depending on rate of flower developusnt. Flowers are harvested from just open through to till seeds begin to develop. The petals will begin to turn cylindrical and move in from the edge. Leave these for seed harvest. Seeds are harvested when dry.
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