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Botanical Names Sambucus canadensis; Sambucus nigra L CAPRIFOLI- ACEAE;
Common Name Elder
Key_Name Eler
Identenifying Characteristics  
Image of herb.
Stem Brittle, pith filled, gray brown bark;
Leaves green, large pinnately compound, subdivided into 5 to 9 elliptic, serrate acuminate leaflets, 3 - 9 cm long.
Flowers small, white, 5 mm diameter, numerous, in flat-top- ped cyuss to 20 cm diameter; appearing mid-summer.
Root edible, powder, purple, globose to 8 mm diameter;
Distribution native to Europe, North Africa, western Asia, Introduced elsewhere. In hedgerows, woodland edges, on
Parts Used Bark, Fresh or dried flowers; Fruit; Leaves; Root bark; Stem pith;
Constituents Essential oil comprising; Alkaloids; Anthocyanins; Mucilage; Quercitrin; Rutin; Tannins; Terpenes; Vitamin C;
Solvents Water, Alcohol,
Therapeutic Action Antispasmodic,Diaphoretic,Diuretic
Medical Uses Lungs; Lymphatic; Fresh shoots cooked like chicory powerful purgative; Purge phlegm and watery humours. Root: emetic in large doses; small for lymphatic, dropsy, kidney, mild laxative; Inner bark: similar to Valerian, steeped in wine for Epilepsy, nervous disorders; LEAVES: Contain flavones, prevents cataracts formation,; fresh juice for eye disorders; ointment Eczema. ; Itch treatment: Herbal: Burdock. , Elder. ; ; ringworm; scrofula; Leaf buds: Purgative 'violent no longer used; FLOWERS: Anemia; Appendicitis, Asthma %=jump|F35| Formula #35 Chest and Lung Problems (relieve congestion and inflammation) .=% , treatment: Herbal: Cannabis setiva ; ; Mullein , Elder. ; Berries: Bronchial pneumonia; Burns; Chronic Cold; Contains Flavone; Coughs; External infusion: Eye disorders; Fever reducing; Head-aches; Influenza; Laryngitis; measles; menstruation painful; Migraine; Neuralgia; Pharyngitis; Prevents cataracts by deactivating peroxides; Pulmonary complaints; Scarlet fever; Skin; HOMEOPATHIC:Infusion; powder; eye wash; tincture; salve; Wine of elder is useful in dropsical diseases, especially ascites, and dropsy supervening upon scarlatina or other exantheniatous diseases.
Contra Indications  
Dosage Wine, 2 fluid ounces, 3 or 4 times a day. decoction fluid extract infusion Berries #4; Flowers #4 Inner bark #4 wineglass; oil - powder 15 grams berries 30 - 60 grains flowers 30 - 60 grains leaves 60 grains tincture 1/2 fluid dram; leaves 30 40 drops TID; Eye wash flowers #1; salve leaves #5;
Formulas Norma Myers immune formulaElder Wine Take of elder bark, parsley root, each, in coarse powder, 1 ounce; sherry wine, 1 pint, or a sufficient quantity. Form into a medicated wine 1)3' maceration or percolation, as explained under Vina Medicota, and make one pint of the preparation. Glandular swelling (to be given in combination with the fomentation #6) Formula #20 Diaphoretic; Formula #21 Tonsillitis; Formula #28 Appetite, For lack of. Formula #29 Blood Cleaner (2). Formula #30 Blood Cleander (2). ; Formula #31 Blood Cleaner. ; Formula #44 Spring tonic; Formula #49 Biliousness; Formula #51 Chapped hands Formula #107 Eyewash; Formula # ? Dropsy; Kidney; bladder; SEE PIPSISSEWA Colds.
non_med Young buds can be pickled, Flowers can be eaten raw and used in wine; fruit conserves, pies, jams, wine, Home dyeing; cosmetic use of flowers; Fish and sea food dishes; Gypsies never burned this plant in their fires. Elder flower fritters have more of an effect than just nutri- tional, 170g (6 oz) plain flour, 25g (1 oz) uslted butter, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, pinch salt, 1 egg, separated, 140ml (5 flu oz) lukewarm water, oil for frying, super fine or castor sugar, Place the flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Put the egg yolk in the centre and add a little of the water. Mix to a batter with a wooden spoon or fork. Mix in the uslted butter. Fold in the stiffly beaten white of egg. Dip the flower-heads into the batter and fry in hot oil. Drain an kitchen paper. Serve immediately sprinkled lightly with castor sugar. Dye: soft murky blue elder rfr no mordant Bath: tonic; essential oil released with heat, Ocimum basilicum; Matricaria recutita Sambucus niger, canadensis; Tilia x europaea or t. x vulgaris; Verbena officinalis; Eucalyptus globulus; Skin: Oatmeal facial rose-water; elder flower water; Herbal butter-milk cleanser 140 ml (5 flu oz) butter-milk; 2 tablespoons Sambucus nigra or Tilia x europaea or t x vulgaris Heat the butter-milk, add the flowers and boil gently for approximately- half an hour. Leave to infuse for two hours. Strain before using; apply to the face with cotton wool and remove all traces of dirt, grease and make-up with gentle movements. Hair brighten dull: Elder berries Gray: berries, cover Wine: 560ml (1pt) Elder flower-heads (tightly packed into the measure) 2 lemons 4.5l (1gal) boiling water 1.4 kg. (3lb) sugar 15g (a-oz) champagne yeast activated two days before being added. Put the flower-heads and thinly peeled lemon rinds into a large bowl. Pour on the boiling water and stir. Cover and leave for three days, stirring occasionally. Stir and bring to the boil, adding the sugar. Simmer for about 10 min. Allow to cool until tepid. Decant into a Primary fermentation container. Add the lemon juice and yeast. Stir to mix. Transfer under fermentation lock when rapid fermentation is complete, 2 - 3 weeks depending on temp. Bottle after four months, tying corks down. Summer drink: soak flowers overnight in lemon juice.
Cultivation Wild plant Usually propagated by suckers or cut- tings. Prefers moist soils. some horticultural varieties exist. such as white, golden-yellow, variegated, or deeply dissected forms.
Sister Plants  
History The Elder has been used continuously since the days of the Egyptians and probably before and is still in use in certain modern cosustic preparations as well as retaining its popularity in folk medicine. Gypsies never burned this plant in their fires. Used for Colds. with Peppermint in many country Homes in Europe.
Reference The Encyclopedia of Herbs and Herbalism
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