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Record Details
Botanical Names Silybum marianum, Carduus marianus
Common Name Holy Thistle, Marian Thistle, Marystistle, Milk-thistle, St, Mary's Thistle, Wild Artichoke;
Key_Name Milk-thistle
Identenifying Characteristics L Gaertn, COMPOSITAE; Annual or Biannual
Image of herb.  
Stem 30 -150 cm Tall Erect, prominently grooved, seldom branched.
Leaves Large, oblong, shiny, variegated and very spiny, sessile or clasping.
Flowers Violet-purple, Thistle-like to 5 cm lon, usually solitary and surrounded at the in a hemispherical capitula base by long spiny
Fruit Blackish, specked, ovovoid achene wigh a long white papp
Distribution Native to central and west Europe, Introduced and naturalized in California and elsewhere. Naturalis
Parts Used Powdered seed; fresh and lried leaves; Whole and dried flowering plant; Fresh root; fresh youngstems and shoots; freash recepticale.
Constituents Essential oil; Tyramine; Histamine; Silybin; Silymarine;
Solvents Alcohol; Water;
Therapeutic Action Bitter,Cathartic,Cholagogue,Choleretic,Digestive,Diuretic,Tonic
Medical Uses Whole Plant, Appetite stimulant; Digestive, Dyspepsia, Liver said to regenerate tissue, Gall bladder; Stimulate flow of Bile,

Powdered Seed: Taken in emulsion are markedly Choleretic and used in cardiovascular disorders, Jaundice , Gallstones colic; Leg Ulcers , Variscose Veins .

Contra Indications Seed to be used only by qualified personnel;
non_med Culinary: Young leaves, shoots, peeled stems, flower recepticals, and roots many be cooked and eaten
Cultivation Wild plant. Easily grown from seed. In a sunny wel drained place.
Sister Plants  
Harvest Flowering plant
Reference The Encyclopedia of Herbs and Herbalism< 11,The Herb Book< 11,School of Natural Healing< 11
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