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Bacteria, E.coli and Coliforms

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Bacteria are all around and even live inside us. Most of these tiny organisms are harmless, but some may cause disease or sickness. Those bacteria that cause disease usually come from human or animal feces.

Itís not possible to test for all of the many thousands of bacteria. Because of this, water is tested for the coliform type, which is very common and always found in human and animal feces.

One type of coliform bacteria found in feces is E.coli. If found in water, E.coli suggests contamination by feces and a risk to users.

Bacteria in water can be treated by chlorine addition, ultra-violet disinfection, or ozone. However, these treatment methods may be less effective on water with excess turbidity. High levels of turbidity can be safely removed by properly maintained filtration or reverse osmosis systems.

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