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About turbidity

Click to see specific information about turbidity, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, or bacteria (including E.coli and coliforms).

Turbidity measures how well you can see through water. Turbid (or cloudy) water not only looks unpleasant to drink, but it may increase the risk of disease-causing agents in the water. Turbidity is usually caused by particles in the water.

Most municipal water is sanitized with chlorine to kill disease causing bacteria, viruses, and Giardia. However excessive turbidity (particles) in the water may prevent the chlorine from adequately doing its job. When turbidity levels are too high, municipalities may issue water quality advisories or notices to consumers.

Excessive levels of turbidity can be removed by properly maintained filtration. Filtration systems rated to “1 micron absolute” can treat turbid water that has been sanitized, making it safe to drink.

For a glossary of water quality terms click here to go to the Greater Vernon Services site. For information on Vernon water quality (from Greater Vernon Services) click here.

MacDonald Water Systems can help you find solutions to your water problems. For more detailed information or to place your order, go to contact us.


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