What is a practitioner team and how to chose it.

A practitioner team or mentor team is your group of people you trust their advice on any given topic. In the case of practitioner team may contain one or more the fallowing.

  • A Naturopath.
  • A Herbalist.
  • Your minister.
  • A Medical doctor.
  • A nurse, or other Allopathic practitioner.
  • Aunt May.
  • Grand Ma
  • The Village elder.
  • Massage therapist.
  • Acupuncturist.

These will be people you trust with your health. Of course you will apply your own value on the information each of these people. Some like the naturopath will potentiality rank higher the MD. As the ND looks to find balance in your system so you are no longer sick. The MD knows lot about disease and its maintenance. They have great diagnostic skills in-regards to your physical body. But don't recognize the other 3 bodies we all possess.

We will explore each of the above and more.

Last Update Nov 17, 2021